Sitting Room Renovation

Demolition in progress

Rennovations Completed


Bedroom Renovation

Damaged Wall

Wall Under Repair

Finished Room

Finished Room

Kitchen Remodel

Demolition in progress

Installations Completed

Kitchen Completed

Fence Replacement

Old Fence

Old Fence Removed

New Fence Built and Painted

Basement Improvement

Basement Before (1)

Basement Before (2)

Basement Before (3)

Floor Prepared

Concrete Laid in Basement

Completed Basement (1)

Completed Basement (2)

Completed Basement (3)

Completed Basement (4)

Completed Basement (5)

Completed Basement (6)

Bulkhead Door

Backyard Improvement

Stone Path Installed

Garage Entrance Stones


Front Step Replacement

Initial Work

Steps In Process

Steps Completed

Another Front Step Project

Steps Installed

Handrails Installed

Steps Completed

Walkway Steps

Steps Being Installed

Walkway Completed

Another Walkway and Steps


Fireplace Construction

Fireplace Completed

Dry Well and Stone Wall Installation

Drain to Dry Well

Wall Drain Installed

Wall Construction in Progress

Phase 1 Completion

Deck Design and Installation

Deck Installed

Patio Design and Installation

Patio Installed

Another Fence Replacement Project

Old Fence

Old Fence

New Cedar Fence (1)

New Cedar Fence (1)

Wood Floor Restoration

Floor Installed and Sanded

Floor Completed

Shed Installation

Shed Framed

Shed Completed

Wood Art

Ship Model

Ship Model Display Case

Jewelry Box